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Seven Rules of Engagement

Before any rules or guidelines are clarified, we first wish to extend our sincere thanks for the terrific job you have done in exceeding the friendship and communication vision we originally set forth for AT. These seven reminders simply reaffirm the wholehearted Aggie support you have extended here to Texas A&M's players, coaches and our administration. Here are those guidelines and examples which restate the covenant and recharge our enthusiasm for the 2002 season,....

The "Seven Rules of Engagement" for your AgTimes boards:

1) An important structural decision, the "Aggie Football Board" is for discussion of Aggie football - period. All other discussion will be remanded to the "NCAA Sports & Recruiting". If Horns, Sooners, Huskers or others wish to discuss the aptitudes of their team or players, our moderators will "direct" them to the NCAA Sports & Recruiting Forum. If they disrupt an Aggie discussion with unrelated opinions, they will be deleted. In short, we will CONTINUE to provide an undisrupted forum for Aggies to exclusively discuss Aggie football with other Aggies or those with a genuine interest in A&M football. In effect, the Hatfields and the McCoys will not be invited to the same Saturday night square dance in this Forum, and we will stridently protect the positive Aggie football discussions developed on our Aggie Football board.

2) Personal attacks will not be tolerated and profanities obviously offensive to our community mainstream will be edited. We will promote friendship and participants who demonstrate courteous membership of a positive and thoughtful Aggie community.

3) Any post which has, as its motive, the denigration or discredit of Texas A&M, its players, coaches or athletic programs will be disallowed, and any poster who develops an unfortunate habit of authoring such posts will most likely be excused. In short, we can disagree with coaches and administrators in a supportive way, but we will not post messages ridiculing or harmful to Texas A&M.

4) No serious accusations or personal attacks against the behavior of any other school, its coaches or players should be levied on our boards. An example might be rumors regarding NCAA compliance. Since we decry such attacks against Texas A&M on other teams boards, AT will not engage in unfounded innuendo or publicly attack the alleged impropriety of others. We have been told by solid sources that at least one Aggie recruit has been lost by similar internet rumor. If it harms the program, do not publicly post it. Use the Private Messaging (PM) feature, so that unconfirmed and potentially sensitive information can be discussed, yet the PM feature will protect our program.

5) We will not provide a forum for complaints against other Aggie boards. We are all doing the best we can, and if you have a problem, please be part of the solution by taking your issue directly to that board's ownership to give them a fair chance to resolve it. If you have a problem with AgTimes, please do not to hesitate to contact me, Cal or Jamey personally.

6) Cracking on players is especially low-down and very little latitude will be extended here. A 20-year old who is banging his head everyday for the love of the game and Texas A&M (and essentially no other compensation) is "off limts" from our judgments or aspersions. Mark this one down as my personal "pet peave".

7) Last and very important, the Recruiting Board moderation will be VERY sensitive, especially when the recruiting campaign hits stride and rumors and opinions are flying everywhere. We will coordinate with other responsible sources close to the program to ensure that you get valid, timely and responsible information. However, we will restrict or even eliminate opinions which have any potential to harm Texas A&M's recruiting efforts. We all know that many potential recruits and parents are now "on the net", so any derogatory comment cannot be tolerated.

In closing, I wish to say, "Thanks again!", and to welcome and encourage your membership and active participation in the "Team", and more important, to urge you to become a strong supporter and vocal part of Aggie Football 2002! Let's meet at Kyle and on the road, and do everything we can to support the program!